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Customer loyalty techniques. The bases that you must master in your strategy.

Are you wondering how to implement an effective loyalty program for your hotel? How should you inspire your customers on their next holiday? How should you motivate them so they repeat their next stay with you? These are very common questions in the hotel industry. A sector where the competition grows daily, and it's becoming more complicated to get loyal customers.

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Identify and get more potential customers for your hotel

The goal of any business is to get customers, right? You, as a hotelier, are looking to increase your portfolio of potential clients so that, at some point, they become real guests and, in this way, bost your hotel's occupancy via direct bookings.

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Step by step. Improve your video SEO positioning.

We are back with SEO. This time to explain how to position your video. Here we’ll you the best practices and tips for getting a video rich snippet on Google SERPs. This post is for you if you have ever wondered where you should publish your video in order to achieve a better positioning. Remember this goal during the process!

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Digital transformation in the ferry service sector

As you may know, the whole tourism sector is in the grip of change. Indeed, the situation that companies operating regular ferry lines are living now is the same that hotel companies had been going through a few years ago. The way customers used to consume is not the same anymore, and Internet has a big role to play in this transformation.

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Tourism trends for 2018. What you will do to boost your hotel's online bookings

Tourism is very changing and it may seem that talking about new trends is not necessary. Some may even think that it is not worth adjusting to these changes if new ones will soon appear. But the truth is that it is necessary to take into account these trends that, after all, are created by the tourists themselves.

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Facebook analytics. What you need to know to improve your Insights.

If you have a Facebook fan page, you probably know that there is a tab at the top of your company page where you can analyse your 'Insights'. You must check this every day!

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I don’t know what to write today. How to create content.

I don’t know what to write today. Inspiration comes and goes. There are days when we clearly know what to write, and others in which we racked our brains to find a topic on which to publish. What happens is that creating quality content to get your target audience engagement is not easy. Most content creators find themselves in the same situation more than once. And then we have an added problem: how do we measure the effectiveness of our publication?

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What is SEO Off Page and how you should work it

Surely you have heard more than once about SEO, its importance to improve your position in Google’s SERPs and so on. Most likely you have even read about some tips to rank with the use of keywords. What you may not know is that there is an SEO On Page (all those practices that we follow within our website to position our pages) and an SEO Off Page. Today we are going to explain the latter, which it’s a topic we usually forget about and it’s -in fact- important.

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