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2018 hotel trends. forecasts the hotel's sector near future.

Welcome to the last weeks of 2017. As always, we want to say goodbye to the year looking to the future, in this case, to the future of hotels. And, as we usually say, the tourism sector doesn’t rest and this 2018 is full of changes.

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Why is online marketing important for ferry companies?

Many ferry operators, especially smaller ones, don’t see the value of developing a marketing strategy. Even today in which almost all the business related to the tourism sector are found on the Internet. In fact, the managers of these companies are often too busy managing day-to-day operations to be interested about that issue. However, brand differentiation isn’t just for this industry's giants!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

As every year, Amara wishes you a Happy Christmas, remembering all those who trust us and that have a special place in our tree, full of planets charged of illusion. Thanks for a year of magical projects!

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Advantages for ferry companies to have their own booking engine

As we have already said in other articles, it is essential for ferry companies to start their “digital transition”. It consists in digitizing the sales and marketing functions of your company, in order to offer a pleasant and intuitive experience to your client when making his reservation. Among the many advantages of creating a website as a full sales platform, the most important is prob...... Read more


How to succesfully implement a CRM for your hotel business

Currently, CRM in hotels is a key element in addressing the challenges of the industry and the demands of an increasingly digital customer. The follow-up of customers throughout their cycle –traveller’s journey- is increasingly complicated for the marketing and sales departments of hotels. This is due to the millions and millions of megabytes of data generated in a short period of time, as well as to the multiplication and dispersion of the clients’ contact points with the hotel industry. Having full knowledge of this cycle is vital to optimize relationships and enhance customer conversion and loyalty opport...... Read more

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Why User-Generated content is important for your hotel’s reputation?

When was the last time you booked or bought something online and not checked any comments from fellow buyers? We live in the world, where everyone is a critic, where people share their opinions of every product or service, influencing decisions of other consumers much more than official information from sellers.

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How to increase your online sales: ferry sector

Nowadays, across all sectors - from consumer goods to tourism, and in our case ferries - many companies are going digital. The online revolution is pushing companies to adapt to new consumption patterns, so they have to develop new methods to sell their products or simply to reach customers.

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Do you know the difference between a CRM and an email marketing tool?

The line that differentiates CRM and email marketing tools is sometimes blurry. Are they necessary? What are their advantages? How do they help your online marketing goals? What functionalities are essential? There are many questions, right? And because they’re important for your business, we help you clarify some doubts and explain how they work.

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